Made here, in Australia.

Paul Tesoriero has a passion for fine timber craftsmanship. He learnt his trade at Australia’s leading woodworking school, Sturt, and honed his skills through the late 1990s. His work was soon so highly prized – you can see in the photos – that in 2000 Paul set up The Joint Workshop to satisfy demand for his unique furniture.

A year later he was making Pilates equipment. This defining change of course was suggested by his friend and former high school woodworking teacher Sean Champion. Sean had begun making the equipment. Demand was growing. But it wasn’t what Sean wanted to do. The craftsman he chose to take on the work was Paul.

He began developing prototypes of his Reformer and Trapeze Table in 2001. By the following year he was running a busy workshop on the northern beaches of Sydney which was soon supplying Pilates studios all over Australia. By late 2011 this small business had grown into a national company with a new name PilatesEquip™ and a new, large workshop on Sydney’s North Shore.

The success of PilatesEquip™ is built on Paul’s passion for fine furniture making, his eye for detail and the impeccable finish he gives his equipment which is appreciated by Pilate’s professionals all over Australia and more and more around the world.