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The Importance of Service and Springs.

Equipment Health.

Have you had your equipment serviced by ANYONE?

Everyone should read this.

The reason why we say ANYONE, is when you buy Pilatesequip™ machines, we offer a free Service Checklist for you to perform in-house services. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have the safest and best running equipment in town. Your clients will pick up on this. Your clients may have been in other studios in your area, and this is a big point of difference to separate you from the rest. If you show you care, they will see this. If Pilates machines breakdown or springs often snap (rare on our equipment but common on other brands), they will see this. There is no reason to say that servicing is too expensive when you buy Pilatesequip™.

You should have a service plan in place to show that you’re servicing your Pilates equipment in case an accident ever occurs. The main thing is prevention, minimising the chance of this ever happening.

Cars get services to keep you safe, do the same with your equipment.