Covid Info

Covid 19 and cleaning your equipment.

Please read all of these instructions in its entirety before using anything to disinfect your equipment. Different surfaces require different treatments.

We can only go by government and health authorities guidelines. The only products recommended by government and health authorities to kill and/or remove the virus are “Disinfectants containing ≥ 70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach”. Unfortunately, the products recommended for fighting Covid aren’t recommended by manufacturers as they may degrade and shorten the lifespan of vinyl or the finish of timber surfaces.
We believe that soapy water on its own might not be enough to rid your equipment of the virus. Soapy water helps remove the virus from surfaces, especially once rinsing is performed, as when washing your hands. But hands are rinsed under a flowing tap. This can’t be replicated on equipment. A disinfectant is recommended after an initial clean.

We suggest to have one client per piece of equipment in each class. Clean and disinfect all equipment surfaces between each class. Ensure social distancing requirements and other government requirements/limits are adhered to.


Disinfectants are not generally recommended by vinyl manufacturers as they will damage the vinyl. But there’s little real alternative when you’re disinfecting against Covid. I would definitely not use the alcohol-based products on vinyl as your first choice. The vinyl manufacturer has stated that rinsing off all residue with warm soapy water straight after disinfection will help reduce but not eliminate damage to your vinyl. They also keep confirming that anything but soapy water will void warranty. Unfortunately, we need to start accepting that these are not normal circumstances and equipment will also have to bear some of the brunt of the virus. All you can do is clean, disinfect and rinse to minimise damage, if you chose to use your equipment during these times.

Timber Surfaces.

Disinfectants with ≥ 70% alcohol and no glycerine can be used, but a big no to quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. Test cleaning products on a small unseen patch before using on the rest of the equipment. Also, don’t leave clothes on surfaces for long periods of time. Follow this link to a recommended timber surface disinfectant.

Metal Surfaces.

With metal surfaces, any of the suggested cleaners above will be fine to use.

Hand Straps.

For hand straps and other fabric materials, the suggestion is first and foremost that users/clients wash their hands, apply hand sanitiser and wear rubber gloves. Clients can buy and use their own hand straps or consider not performing hand strap exercises.


Please consider safe work practices when staff is cleaning equipment. Use links below.

Helpful Links.

Safe Work Australia

Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare


I hope this all helps.


This advice is derived from government and health authorises. The effects of disinfectants on equipment is not the responsibility of Pilaitesequip™ – The Joint Workshop Pty Ltd