Evolution Reformer™ 2 Low – Moving Foot Bar

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Industrial Elegance.

When designing or buying a new reformer, two important aspects in design that you should always remember are function and form. This powdercoated aluminium frame design is so similar in both areas when compared to our timber reformer. Our reason being, don’t change something that has worked extremely well for decades.

Function is so important and it covers many areas. It’s important to be comfortable and easy to use, and still perform all adjustments and exercises well.  However, one thing sometimes forgotten is the ease of maintenance and repairs. The design of the Evolution Reformer™ 2 makes cleaning the tracks, replacing upholstery and servicing parts , simple to perform and cost effective.

Regarding form, and besides its sleek look, the Evolution Reformer™ 2 offers a range of designer selected colour combinations. First choose frame colour to then select upholstery options. Sage, Graphite and Taupe frames require a minimum order of 5 reformers. If custom colours are desired, we do this on application and at a minimum order of 20 reformers. Please contact us for more info.

The superior features found in our timber Studio Reformers – long lasting spring design, long smooth ride and comfortable foam bedding – are incorporated into this design with an unrivalled foot bar system.

Combining a brilliant foot bar height adjustment mechanism together with a sliding system that allows positioning along the reformer’s foot bar tracks, you can control hip and knee flexion for users of any height or ability.

Medium density foam in the Evolution Reformer™ 2 bed provides maximum comfort and support. The durable and hygienic marine grade vinyl upholstery is available in a range of colours. View vinyl colours.

Our premium galvanised springs reliably reduce snapping caused by the hydrogen embrittlement more commonly found in others’ chrome-plated, stainless steel or plain steel springs. The longer length spring design also increases life expectancy.

These reformers can be stacked on top of each other or stood up on end.

Whether it’s for general repertoire or rehabilitation exercises, these reformers will suit professional Pilates studios, physiotherapy practices, studio and gym reformer classes or for the private users.

Included Features

  • The foot bar system with adjustable height and movable track position
  • Carriage travel up to 1195mm (46.75”), about 200mm (8”) longer than other makes
  • 5 springs: 3 full tension (green), 1 half tension (blue) and 1 quarter tension (yellow)
  • Fixed position spring bar with 44 tension increments
  • Carriage stopper plate with 7 increments, allowing adjustments for hip and knee flexion without moving the foot bar and allows carriage to be positions away from foot strap for reformer box exercises
  • Superior smooth ride
  • All tracks and exposed aluminium parts are anodised. This surface finish reduces black dust on the tracks giving a cleaner smoother ride
  • 4 vertical (travelling) and 4 horizontal (guiding) wheel system. The material compound used is for a fast, smooth glide. The bearings in the wheels are replaceable. Lateral wheels are adjusted for minimal sideways movement in the carriage.
  • Medium density foam bed for maximum comfort and support
  • Removable post behind shoulder pads to hold hand straps
  • Easy mobility with wheels attached to the legs, so the reformer can be wheelbarrowed around.
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder pads. Adjustment for a broader shoulder width or alternate hand positions grips for certain exercises.
  • Lowering pulley uprights to store reformers by stacking or to use a Half Trapeze Tower
  • Stacks on its own legs without any spacers to level the reformers
  • Can also be stored in a standing position
  • A new 3-position headrest adjustment
  • Ropes
  • D-Ring Double-loop hand straps (pair)
  • 1 foot strap for reformer box exercises
  • Non-slip rubber covered foot platform for standing exercises (fixed)


  • Height: 250mm (10″)
  • Length: 2500mm (98”)
  • Width: Frame- 700mm (24.5”), Foot bar- 990mm (39”)
  • Weight: 65kg

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Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 990 × 250 mm
Frame Colour

White, Silver, Graphite, Sage, Taupe – min. 5 reformers required

Upholstry Colour

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