Trapeze Springs (pairs)

$180.00$190.00 Inc. GST


Sold in pairs.

Spring lengths and their purpose.

  • Short- 550mm(22”): attached from the push-through bar to the top of the metal rail
  • Medium- 650mm(26”): attach from the push-through bar to the bottom timber frame – tower exercises
  • Long- 750mm (30”): leg, arm and roll-down bar exercises from the slide bar end

Note: The length indicated is the full length (it includes the spring, loops and clips).

Different tensions:

  • Heavy tension – Green
  • Medium tension – Red
  • Leg springs – Purple ( long length only)
  • Light tension – Blue
  • Extra Light tension – Yellow
  • Super Heavy – Black ( Trapeze Bar Spring only)


Additional information

Spring Tension

Heavy Tension Green, Medium Tension Red, Purple Leg Spring, Light Tension Blue, Extra Light Tension Yellow, Black Trapeze Bar Springs

Spring Length

Short Length, Medium Length, Long Length