Wall Unit – Tower Only

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Innovative, versatile and space saving with the sexy look that comes with all PilatesEquip™ equipment.

The Wall Unit has the same innovations of our full Trapeze Table’s adjustable push-through bar. Just pull two spring-loaded locking pins to adjust the pivot height in a flash. No stray pins, no re-attaching bars.

Where powder-coated or chrome-plated mild steel frames can rust when scratched or chipped, our frames are superior stainless steel.

Premium galvanised springs reliably reduce snapping caused by the hydrogen embrittlement more commonly found in others’ chrome-plated, stainless steel or plain steel springs. Our longer length spring design also increases life expectancy.

The Wall Unit can be used in conjunction with the Studio or Rehab Reformer with a drop-in conversion mat; a treatment table; or even a standard exercise mat. Wall Unit Box Mat and Moon Boxes are also available.

Included Features

  • Unique, fast, adjustable one-action 20-position push-through bar
  • Strong, rust-resistant stainless steel frame
  • 1 pair of red medium tension, short length, push-through bar springs
  • 1 pair of red medium tension, medium length, push-through bar tower springs
  • 1 pair of blue light tension, long length arm springs
  • 27 eyebolt points for spring attachment
  • Hygienic aluminium roll-down bar
  • Safety strap with carabiner
  • Internal eyebolts on the push-through bar so springs can move freely when passing the lowest point of rotation
  • D-loop hand straps


Wall Unit frame

  • Height: 2110mm (84.5”)
  • Width: 690mm (27.5”)
  • Distance out from wall: 600mm (24”)

Note: Mat and Moon Boxes not included.

Assembling is required. Installation by a tradesperson is recommended.

Wall Unit needs to be fixed to the wall and floor. It’s best to fix the unit to a concrete or brick wall.

The Wall Unit design is slightly different to the picture.

Additional information

Dimensions 450 × 690 × 2110 mm