Combo Chair (Split Pedal Wunda Chair with adjustable stainless steel handles)

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The PilatesEquip™ Wunda Chair has a new design.

Adjustable sliding spring mounts are attached to tracks for fast incremental tension adjustment. Simply pull the locking pin on the spring mount slides and let it go at the incremental height for the desired tension. Each spring can be independently adjusted to 5 levels of tension.



The chair is constructed from quality laminate, stainless steel and aluminium for a modern industrial look.

Our premium galvanised springs reliably reduce snapping caused by the hydrogen embrittlement more commonly found in others’ chrome-plated, stainless steel or plain steel springs.

Included Features

  • Adjustable stainless steel handles
  • 2 heavy tension springs (black)
  • 2 light tension springs (green)
  • Each spring has 5 adjustment increments with stickers to indicate each level
  • Split pedals with a connecting rod for use as a single pedal chair
  • Medium density foam seat
  • Seat upholstery in a durable, hygienic marine grade vinyl
  • Perfect height to push up against a Trapeze bed for additional exercises


  • Height: 605mm (24”)
  • Width: 545mm (21.75”), 695mm (27.75”) with handles and locking knobs
  • Length: 760mm (30.5”)
  • Weight: 35kg

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 760 × 695 × 605 mm
Upholstry Colour

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